MicMac is an Excel based-software to analyze the strength, stiffness, strains, of a quadrangle symmetric laminate under various conditions of loads (in-plane loads, flexural loads) or geometry (beam, tube, sandwich construction) etc… MiCMAC can predict the first and last ply failure with a single parameter damage model. The software has a versatile graphic interface for parametric studies. A new feature of version 6.0 is a direct conversion from any laminate to an equivalent Double Double

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Conversion from any laminate to Double Double – How it works ?

In MicMac main menu, select the GENLAM application. Enter your laminate (up to 24 different ply orientation and any number of plies).

Then find the best Double double that can replace your old laminate. Enjoy the innovative way of Double Double. Simpler, cheaper, easy to taper (ply-drops).

[45/73.8/-34.4/42.8/-54.3/-43.7/-34.8/32.5/83.0/-9.4/-9.1/7.7]s can be replaced by [19/-58/-19/58]12T much simpler and totally equivalent !